WordPress has been updated to 5.1

WordPress has been updated to 5.1 here on our website. It is mostly a polishing update to Gutenberg, with a few new features added as well. One of the main ones which may concern a few is the Site Health one, as it will not allow you to install a plugin if it requires a version of PHP which is too out of date. I recommend though updating your WordPress installations as soon as possible to stay secure.

Join Us Tomorrow at the Camrose Public Library

Hey, fellow WordPress users and those interested in this open-source software!

Tomorrow the Camrose WordPress Meetup group is having our monthly meetup at the Camrose Public Library in the Bunker Room downstairs at two in the afternoon. Everyone is welcome to join us and there is no cost to join us or to become a member of our group (or to join this community on the web here). We will be first having a time of getting to know one another, followed by a general question and answer session, and finished with watching a video on WordPress.TV through the projector and a laptop.

About a question someone asked on our Meetup.com group

Someone asked if I could create a list of the best WordPress plugins and widgets, but due to the fact that it takes more time than what I have to prepare a proper answer, I have decided to delay answering this until the May meetup. If you have a WordPress-related question in the meantime, feel free to post it here in the forums, and someone will try to answer it for you.

I know that the weather outside isn’t the best (and is supposed to be storming tonight and tomorrow), but I hope to see you guys and gals tomorrow at the meetup!

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