WordPress has been updated to 5.1

WordPress has been updated to 5.1 here on our website. It is mostly a polishing update to Gutenberg, with a few new features added as well. One of the main ones which may concern a few is the Site Health one, as it will not allow you to install a plugin if it requires a version of PHP which is too out of date. I recommend though updating your WordPress installations as soon as possible to stay secure.

I’ve Switched the Antispam Plugin

I’ve switched the antispam plugin here to CleanTalk. Hopefully, this will allow people to register here now who are legitimate and not spambots.

If you were not at this month’s meetup, you need to know that we will not be returning to the public library in September, but will be continuing to meet for the foreseeable future at the classroom in the Joanne and Friends Boutique in Duggan Mall (located on the west side of Camrose behind McDonald’s and the Norsemen Inn). We have WiFi access and a TV with HDMI for presentations.

Please let me know here about topics you’d like to see covered at future meetups. In the forums, also feel free to suggest other things for meetups.

Our Website Is Open

This website is now open and ready for new members to join! If you are interested in and/or use WordPress, and also live in or around Camrose, Alberta, please consider registering today. We have much to offer here, including a calendar to schedule new meetups and forums to discuss various topics. We also have private messaging for members to discuss things in private.

Of course we are also available on social media on Facebook and Meetup. Be sure to check those pages out, and give us a like or join.

Together all of us can grow in our WordPress knowledge together. If you think of something that can improve this site, please suggest it in The Suggestions Box.

I’m looking forward to meeting each one of you and learning more about WordPress together! 😉

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